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Cav, Chani and Mike wittering about geek stuff.

Episode 46 – Worst Christmas

This week, we return triumphant to kick over the nativity scene, proposition the Carol singers and give Santa a wedgie. We look into the very worst pop culture offerings that Christmas has to offer, be it TV, Film or Music, getting our urchin hands dirty so you don’t have to. Plus Chani gets her cowboy on, Cav breaks the earth, […]

It’s About History: Loan Tran and the Geek Traitors

Following Loan/Kelly Marie Tran’s remarkable New York Times article about Internet harassment and her own cultural identity, Cav considers how her words serve as a reminder of some seemingly long-lost principles of geek culture.   ” …the same society that taught some people they were heroes, saviors, inheritors of the Manifest Destiny ideal, taught me I existed only in the […]

Pedanticide: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Pedanticide is a column where we take a widely (which usually also means, ‘inaccurately’) criticized slice of pop culture, and give its most miserly, myopic and frankly munted nitpicks a taste of their own medicine. The goal is to try and ‘clear the air’ a little around the discourse on certain things and maybe even pay the artworks, and artists […]

Pedanticide: An Introduction

The Internet: a place built on one half of a certain long-held adage (that everyone has an opinion) and sustained by the utter lack of comprehension of its other half (that this makes them easily comparable to arseholes). A place where everyone’s an expert, everyone’s the one and only person to whom the political and creative elites should be listening, […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Six Months Later – Doublejump

DICE’s take on the much-loved Star Wars: Battlefront series has been fraught with problems. Its first attempt, released among the hype maelstrom accompanying 2015’s The Force Awakens, was an aesthetically spectacular but unsubstantial effort, disappointing both fans of the original games and those eagerly anticipating the Battlefield creator’s take on such a rich, storied universe. Source: Star Wars Battlefront 2: […]

Episode 31 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Space Opera

This week, we look at Space Operas, and give praise/a good kicking to several notable examples of the genre, taking in Film, TV, Books and Games. We journey form Epsilon 3 to Mongo, from the Systems Commonwealth to the moons of Jupiter, all the while dispensing our verdicts without mercy. We’re not including Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who […]

Episode 30 – Star Wars: The Last Jedi SPOILERCAST

BAAAAAAAAAM! Bada baam! Bada bam bam bam bam bam bam, bam bam bam bam bam bam, bam bam bam bam bam bam, baaam ba ba ba….Baaa Baaa ba ba ba BAAA baa, ba ba ba BAAA baa,ba ba ba BAAA… This episode, Mike and Cav get together to give you their review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So naturally, […]

Episode 19: Geek Book Club

This week, our geekbrarians look sternly over their glasses, tell you to shush, and go back to pushing their book trolley around the shelves, as we bring you some of our favourite examples in the first of an occasional series delving into geek books. We wrangle with minds, drones, and dubiously named ships, we offer ourselves as tribute, and we […]

Episode 15a – Rogue One Reaction (SPOILER FREE)

Cav and Mike bring you speculation and then reaction to the midnight screening of Rogue One.   No spoilers this time – we’ll be talking about the film in more depth another time. For now, we give our thoughts on one of 2016’s most anticipated releases, and decide whether it lives up to the hype. Check out this episode!

Episode 15 – Rogue One & the Star Wars Extended Universe

A long time ago (Saturday), in a country far, far away (let’s face it – Australia is a long way from everywhere)…   This week, our disreputable gang of rebellious ne’er-do-wells and rag-tag adventurers bring you their thoughts on the impending release of Rogue One, and discuss the sometimes confusing and often perplexing topic of the Star Wars Extended Universe […]