There Will Be Geek

Cav, Chani and Mike wittering about geek stuff.

Episode 46 – Worst Christmas

This week, we return triumphant to kick over the nativity scene, proposition the Carol singers and give Santa a wedgie. We look into the very worst pop culture offerings that Christmas has to offer, be it TV, Film or Music, getting our urchin hands dirty so you don’t have to. Plus Chani gets her cowboy on, Cav breaks the earth, […]

Manic Street Preachers: Resistance is Futile Review

  The Manic Street Preachers have always seemed to revel in being a fiendishly tricky band to describe, at least succinctly. Their history has been punctuated with extreme stylistic turns, often inspired by tumultuous moments in their careers and lives. Their early career was guided by the personal troubles of guitarist/lyricist/band mouthpiece Richey James, the Guns-n-Roses-meets-The-Clash stylings of their first […]

Episode 35 – Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

This week, you’re going to have to watch your backs… they have eyes everywhere. We’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole, and it’s everywhere – the Moon, Abbey Road, all the way to the White House (Thanks Obama). I’m telling you, they’ve got body doubles, replacement band members, ghost writers, the whole nine yards. You’ve got to get the […]

Episode 17 – The Music of Video Games

This week, we conduct a raid into the vaults of the Geekservatoire to bring you the very finest masterworks from the great composers, from Clint Mansell to Trent Reznor, from Mick Gordon to Bill Elm & Woody Jackson, from Rob Hubbard all the way to…Michael Jackson?   We look at some of our favourite examples of the genre, from Space […]

Episode 14 – John Carpenter: Horror

This week, in the first of an occasional series on Auteurs, we present an episode based around the Horror work of John Carpenter, a director who’s a firm favourite here at TWBG towers. We discuss his work in the genre, looking into his recurring themes, hit, misses and everything in between. Plus, as ever there’s out Thimble of Win, where […]