There Will Be Geek

Cav, Chani and Mike wittering about geek stuff.

Episode 40 – Vampires – Do They Suck

This week, we debate all things Vampire – where do they come from, what is it that appeals about them, which are the best examples of the genre and so on. We pick out our favorite bloodsuckers, and those we’d rather stake out on a tropical island at noon. And there’s bonus Nicholas Cage.Plus Chani wants the kids to get […]

Episode 34 – Pop Culture Couples – a Valentine’s Day Special

This episode, your favourite hopeless romantics travel through time and space, via war zones, alternate realities, and all points in between to bring you our favourite examples of couples and love in Pop Culture. Plus in our Thimble of Win, Chani raises hell, Cav goes to war and commits sin, and Mike is searching for a soothing balm. Get your […]

Episode 32 – Review of 2017: Part 1

This week, we give you the first half of our review of 2017. We give you our favourite Geek moments from last year, covering our usual bases of Games, Film, TV, and anything else we can come up with. It’s a long one, and part two will be with you shortly.   We’ll be looking to have a more regular […]

Episode 27 – The Alien Saga

This week, your favourite Geek Marines load up their hardware and go searching for Xenomorphs on the USCSS There Will Be Geek. We talk about the Alien Saga from its humble beginnings in Dark Star to the latest offering in Alien: Covenant. We talk about the successes, the qualified successes, the critical failures and the baffling decisions that have followed […]

Episode 26 – The Cornetto Trilogy

“Take three Geeks. Go to Mike’s. Record the podcast, grab coats, go to The Reverence*, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?” This week, Cav, Mike and Chani are sampling Three Flavours Cornetto as we look over Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The […]

Episode 18 – Fan Theories

This week, your Consulting Geek Detectives grab their pipes, stuff on their deerstalkers and stride around purposefully holding their magnifying glasses as we investigate Fan Theories. We look at witches and murderers, hospitals and snowglobes, implanted memories, watchers and secret agents, implausible hoaxes and drowning swimmers in our quest for cultural enlightenment. Plus our Thimble of Win focuses on taciturn […]

Episode 14 – John Carpenter: Horror

This week, in the first of an occasional series on Auteurs, we present an episode based around the Horror work of John Carpenter, a director who’s a firm favourite here at TWBG towers. We discuss his work in the genre, looking into his recurring themes, hit, misses and everything in between. Plus, as ever there’s out Thimble of Win, where […]

Ep 12 – PAX Aus 2016

This week, our crack investigative team of Cav and Chani brave the wilds of PAX Aus to bring you news of games, geekery and all things good. We talk about the highs, the lows, the slightly odd bits in between, and get to grips with all of the things we found exciting. You want queue action? You got it. Glue? […]

Episode 11 – Halloween Special

Pop Culture and Halloween have always had an interesting relationship. Whether it be the drawing in of the northern hemisphere nights, the telling of ghost stories, the delicious feelings of dread or the tingle of the fear that runs down your spine, there is something to be said for allowing the unknown and uncanny to thrill, delight and spook.   […]

Episode 5 – Video Game Movie Adaptations

Once again, our three intrepid podcastranauts plunge headlong into the inky depths of Video Game Movie Adaptations – where it all stared, which ones work or don’t work and why, what the future holds and much more. Plus Cav reviews Warcraft, the latest attempt at getting these Crossovers right. Chani expounds and explodes in a gooey mess all over Super […]