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Disenchantment Review

About halfway through the first episode of Disenchantment, wanderlust-stricken elf Elfo sees his destination, the human city of Dreamland, on the horizon. “Wow!”, he exclaims, “It’s so small! Oh wait, I’m far away!” End scene. In many ways, this joke is emblematic of the show’s debut ten-episode run, recently debuted on Netflix. Disenchantment certainly has the weight of expectation on its […]

Pedanticide: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Pedanticide is a column where we take a widely (which usually also means, ‘inaccurately’) criticized slice of pop culture, and give its most miserly, myopic and frankly munted nitpicks a taste of their own medicine. The goal is to try and ‘clear the air’ a little around the discourse on certain things and maybe even pay the artworks, and artists […]

Gandalf the Green and Gold: The Wizards of Aus as Immigrant Story

The Wizards of Aus may, at first glance, seem like an unlikely candidate for the SBS stable. A broad-humoured parody of fantasy pop culture, stuffed with impressive (and commercially appealing) special effects and created by a YouTube wunderkind (writer/director Michael Shanks), it sounds like the kind of thing that would be deemed far too mainstream for Australia’s most ‘alternative’ free-to-air […]

Episode 41 – Free Comic Book Day

There are certain dates every year that the Geek Calendar can be set by; your local big convention, the first of the big tentpole blockbusters, San Diego ComiCon, and so on. Free Comic Book Day has firmly established itself as one of these the world over, so on May 5th, we popped down to All Star Comics here in glamourous […]

Episode 40 – Vampires – Do They Suck

This week, we debate all things Vampire – where do they come from, what is it that appeals about them, which are the best examples of the genre and so on. We pick out our favorite bloodsuckers, and those we’d rather stake out on a tropical island at noon. And there’s bonus Nicholas Cage.Plus Chani wants the kids to get […]

Episode 25 – American Gods

Our quarter-century of episodes brings us the dark and brooding masterpiece road trip that is American Gods. Your favourite weary travellers on TWBG Airways will be settling comfortably down into their upgraded-to-first-class-somehow seats, and will regale you with stories of gods old and new, and everything in between. Plus we bring you news of dragons, witchers, crystals, the law, and […]

Episode 8 – Magic: The Gathering

Greetings fellow geeketarians! In this, our most latest of episodes, we go deep into the world of Magic: The Gathering. We poke around the musty cellar of history to look at the rise of this, the Übermensch of trading card games. We look to see who has tried to muscle in on its action through the years, we rake over its family […]

Episode 2 – Comic Book Movies (with Thimble Of Win)

Once again, our geeksplorers delve into the murkey depths of the pop culture ocean, this time shining a light on the subject of comic book movies. We look into their history, where they are now, and where they appear to be headed. Gasp as Chani gushes! Nod knowingly as Cav opines on….well, everything! Try to avoid nodding off as Mike […]