There Will Be Geek

Cav, Chani and Mike wittering about geek stuff.

Episode 46 – Worst Christmas

This week, we return triumphant to kick over the nativity scene, proposition the Carol singers and give Santa a wedgie. We look into the very worst pop culture offerings that Christmas has to offer, be it TV, Film or Music, getting our urchin hands dirty so you don’t have to. Plus Chani gets her cowboy on, Cav breaks the earth, […]

Episode 22 – Retro Gaming

LOAD “TWBG – RETRO GAMING”   SEARCHING…   This week, we dig out our horn-rimmed glasses, turtle-neck cardigans and brown slacks and go headlong into the world of Retro Gaming, looking back into consoles and computers, asterisks and arcades, joysticks and…other things beginning with J. We ask what is Retro, whether there is pleasure in simplicity, how important is playability […]

Episode 13 – Geek Comedy on TV

This week, our dashing and daring geekaliers sally forth onto the filed of entertainment, chasing down all things geek TV. We duel with Hitchikers, Red Dwarves, Pop-culture Popping Pegg (and Stephenson), Ricks and Mortys, purple haired Cypclopettes, crowds of I.T.  folk, and give those Big Bang fells a damned good thrashing!   Plus, out thimble of win takes in Doctor […]

Ep 12 – PAX Aus 2016

This week, our crack investigative team of Cav and Chani brave the wilds of PAX Aus to bring you news of games, geekery and all things good. We talk about the highs, the lows, the slightly odd bits in between, and get to grips with all of the things we found exciting. You want queue action? You got it. Glue? […]

Ep. 9: Never Have I Ever

Ahoy there, geekowarriors!   After our winter break, we decided to tickle your ear canals with a subject for debate. Wherever you fit in geek and nerd culture, there are always some areas that people are shocked and surprised at you for not being across. Those moments where you confess to never having played/seen/drawn/fondled/enjoyed a particular geek experience that would […]