There Will Be Geek

Cav, Chani and Mike wittering about geek stuff.

Episode 41 – Free Comic Book Day

There are certain dates every year that the Geek Calendar can be set by; your local big convention, the first of the big tentpole blockbusters, San Diego ComiCon, and so on. Free Comic Book Day has firmly established itself as one of these the world over, so on May 5th, we popped down to All Star Comics here in glamourous […]

Episode 31 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Space Opera

This week, we look at Space Operas, and give praise/a good kicking to several notable examples of the genre, taking in Film, TV, Books and Games. We journey form Epsilon 3 to Mongo, from the Systems Commonwealth to the moons of Jupiter, all the while dispensing our verdicts without mercy. We’re not including Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who […]

Episode 29 – What We Did On Our Holidays: Part 2

We’re back once again with our hiatus review. This time, we’re talking about the best in TV and film from while we were away galavanting (in the case of at least one of our number, getting married). We take a look at Stranger Things, Star Trek: Discovery and Game of Thrones (with honourable mentions for The Defenders, and The Tick). […]

Episode 26 – The Cornetto Trilogy

“Take three Geeks. Go to Mike’s. Record the podcast, grab coats, go to The Reverence*, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?” This week, Cav, Mike and Chani are sampling Three Flavours Cornetto as we look over Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The […]

Episode 15 – Rogue One & the Star Wars Extended Universe

A long time ago (Saturday), in a country far, far away (let’s face it – Australia is a long way from everywhere)…   This week, our disreputable gang of rebellious ne’er-do-wells and rag-tag adventurers bring you their thoughts on the impending release of Rogue One, and discuss the sometimes confusing and often perplexing topic of the Star Wars Extended Universe […]

Episode 14 – John Carpenter: Horror

This week, in the first of an occasional series on Auteurs, we present an episode based around the Horror work of John Carpenter, a director who’s a firm favourite here at TWBG towers. We discuss his work in the genre, looking into his recurring themes, hit, misses and everything in between. Plus, as ever there’s out Thimble of Win, where […]

Ep 12 – PAX Aus 2016

This week, our crack investigative team of Cav and Chani brave the wilds of PAX Aus to bring you news of games, geekery and all things good. We talk about the highs, the lows, the slightly odd bits in between, and get to grips with all of the things we found exciting. You want queue action? You got it. Glue? […]

Episode 4 – Preacher

In our latest episode, we get down and dirty with JC, delving deep into the world of classic 90’s comic series turned 2016 TV show from AMC, Preacher. We explore the themes, the history, the…anagrams…and generally deconstruct what it is that made this tale of batshit American craziness the cult classic that it is. We look at the pilot episode, […]

Episode 2 – Comic Book Movies (with Thimble Of Win)

Once again, our geeksplorers delve into the murkey depths of the pop culture ocean, this time shining a light on the subject of comic book movies. We look into their history, where they are now, and where they appear to be headed. Gasp as Chani gushes! Nod knowingly as Cav opines on….well, everything! Try to avoid nodding off as Mike […]

There Will Be Geek – Episode 1 – Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Our debut podcast! There are some sound quality issues towards the end, and we’re working on the kinks but for now, listen to our intrepid Geeksplorers taskle the thorny thicket of geekery that is Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. PSA: Spoilery stuff between 20:15-34:55 for those of you who haven’t seen the film, and want to preserve the purity […]