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It’s About History: Loan Tran and the Geek Traitors

Following Loan/Kelly Marie Tran’s remarkable New York Times article about Internet harassment and her own cultural identity, Cav considers how her words serve as a reminder of some seemingly long-lost principles of geek culture.   ” …the same society that taught some people they were heroes, saviors, inheritors of the Manifest Destiny ideal, taught me I existed only in the […]

Doublejump Reviews The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – Doublejump

  Bethesda has been banking hard on The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) in recent times. Stumbling out of the gate with an underwhelming, bug-laden launch, the enormous act of triage that was 2015’s One Tamriel update brought a ton of much-needed polish and accessibility to the game. Last year’s Morrowind expansion built on these improvements, while dangling a nice, fat […]

Episode 44 – The Terminator Series (Part 1)

This week, your Geek Resistance Heroes are sending noble warriors back in time to 1984 and 1991, desperately trying to rescue Sarah and John Connor. We talk about where it all began for the Terminator films, and we start with the two offerings that arguable define the franchise. There’s Naked Arnie. There’s prop-based puns. There’s irritating children. What more could […]

Pedanticide: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Pedanticide is a column where we take a widely (which usually also means, ‘inaccurately’) criticized slice of pop culture, and give its most miserly, myopic and frankly munted nitpicks a taste of their own medicine. The goal is to try and ‘clear the air’ a little around the discourse on certain things and maybe even pay the artworks, and artists […]

Pedanticide: An Introduction

The Internet: a place built on one half of a certain long-held adage (that everyone has an opinion) and sustained by the utter lack of comprehension of its other half (that this makes them easily comparable to arseholes). A place where everyone’s an expert, everyone’s the one and only person to whom the political and creative elites should be listening, […]

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review – Doublejump

Let’s face it, at this point I could just slap a placeholder on the first third of this review with a logo saying ‘Insert Retro Collection Review Intro Here’. In 2018, these collections have become so ubiquitous that going through the reasons why companies repackage old games with high nostalgia value seems completely redundant. Instead, let’s get into the meat […]

Episode 42 – Douglas Adams

“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the southern hemisphere lies a small unregarded podcast. Presenting this podcast for a period of roughly two years are a group of ape-descended life forms who – with the exception of Chani – are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea…”* Today […]