“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a podcaster…”


OK…that’s not strictly accurate. However, I have always had a deep and abiding fascination with Pop Culture, from long before I called it by that name. Saturday Morning Cartoons, Saturday Evening Adventures, Sunday Afternoon Films, setting my calendar by what new and cool techno-thriller rehash of The Lone Ranger was on this week. I thrilled to radio serials of classic novels, I was blown away by blockbusters, marvelled at the intricacies of screen magic, both big and small, begged for the toys and bought the lunchbox.


Later, as I grew up, I started to ask why, how, who, what, where… all the important questions. I dived into Science Fiction, I bathed in High Fantasy, Comedy, Melodrama, anything that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. And I became fascinated with talking about meanings, joy, sadness, frivolity, ridiculousness, and all the wonder and bullshit that goes with it all. Talking about it with friends to audiences around the world seemed like the logical next step.