There Will Be Geek

Cav, Chani and Mike wittering about geek stuff.

Episode 51 – Area 51

We’re baaaaaaaack! After a long hiatus, and a slight relocation of TWBG Towers (80m to be precise) we return with a look at the role of Area 51 in popular culture and find… a lot less than we thought we would. Maybe it’s a conspiracy. Maybe the government really are hushing everything up. Maybe Naruto running at a secret base […]

Episode 50 – Police Procedurals

This week, we’ve got to drag this one back to the precinct because the Lieutenant is breaking our balls. We’re playing it by our own rules, busting the bad guys and chasing them down back alleys full of boxes and produce. Yes, for Episode 5-0 we’re looking at Police Procedurals. We look at our favourite examples of the genre, and […]

Episode 49 – The Predator Series

Do you like horror franchises? This week we have a doozy. Arnold Scwarzenegger as the Final Girl, Bill Paxton as annoying-douchebag-who-gets-killed, Topher Grace as Really? Him? and Olivia Munn being officially done with this shit. Yes. It’s the various permutations of Predator. We go as deep as we can stomach, and sometimes deeper than that. Plus Cav gets Mouldy and […]

Episode 46 – Worst Christmas

This week, we return triumphant to kick over the nativity scene, proposition the Carol singers and give Santa a wedgie. We look into the very worst pop culture offerings that Christmas has to offer, be it TV, Film or Music, getting our urchin hands dirty so you don’t have to. Plus Chani gets her cowboy on, Cav breaks the earth, […]

Episode 44 – The Terminator Series (Part 1)

This week, your Geek Resistance Heroes are sending noble warriors back in time to 1984 and 1991, desperately trying to rescue Sarah and John Connor. We talk about where it all began for the Terminator films, and we start with the two offerings that arguable define the franchise. There’s Naked Arnie. There’s prop-based puns. There’s irritating children. What more could […]

Episode 42 – Douglas Adams

“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the southern hemisphere lies a small unregarded podcast. Presenting this podcast for a period of roughly two years are a group of ape-descended life forms who – with the exception of Chani – are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea…”* Today […]